Randonneuring USAThank you for considering riding one of my Permanent Routes.

Permanents are only open to RUSA members.  You can find information on RUSA membership at http://www.rusa.org/memberservices.html.

Each route has a separate page (choose from the dropdown list under the “Permanents” tab at the top of the page) that includes the registration form, the RUSA liability form, the cue sheet, an information document and a link to the RideWithGPS page where you can see a map and download a GPS file.

Please email or call to let me know you are considering riding to make sure that I will be able to get the control card to you on time. If I am traveling, I may not be able to accommodate a request on short notice.

In order to sign up to ride one of the Permanent routes, complete the registration form and send me the liability release and check/cash for the appropriate fee (or use the PayPal link on the web page).

You have a choice of documenting your ride with a traditional control card and/or with Electronic Proof of Passage. The default method of delivering a control card is via email. You will receive a PDF file that can be printed on regular paper and folded in half twice. I can send out electronic paperwork without much lead time. If you would prefer a control card printed on heavyweight card stock, I will be happy to mail you one but be sure to leave enough time for the card to arrive.

If you do not start the ride, please let me know as soon as possible. You are also required to notify me if you start but do not finish the ride. The control card you receive is only good for the specific date and start time you indicate on the registration form. If you decide to ride another day, you will need to resubmit your registration paperwork.

If you plan on submitting Electronic Proof of Passage, follow the instructions on that page.

If you have a control card, write the time on your control card (in military time) and get a signature from an employee at the start, each control and the finish. Make a small purchase and get a receipt at each stop. Within 10 days of finishing the ride, put the receipts in order, circle the date and time and mail them, along with the completed control card, back to me. Don’t forget to sign the card.  I will enter your ride in the RUSA database, approve the card and mail it back to you, unless you tell me to toss it out.

If you have questions about the routes, the process, RUSA, the meaning of life, etc., my contact information is all over the registration forms or you can use the “Contact” link at the top of the page.


Enjoy the ride!