The RUSA board has approved a rule change that allows electronic devices to provide “Electronic Proof of Passage” (EPP) for controls on Permanent rides.

Permanent routes owners are not required to accept EPP and riders are not required to submit their results electronically. Traditional paper control cards will be offered if either the rider or the route owner choose to use them.

Each route owner can establish their own policies about what forms of EPP are acceptable. The route owner and the rider must agree to those rules in order for EPP to be accepted.

For my Permanent routes, the following rules will be in effect until further notice.  They may be modified or eliminated at any time.

Currently, three forms of EPP will be accepted:

  1. GPS data posted to RidewithGPS (RWG) or Strava.  I prefer RWG but, if you use Strava, I will send a request to follow you there.  That’s the only way I can see your start time.
  2.  Digital photography
  3. Complete the control card and get receipts as usual.  Take photos of the completed card and receipts and email them to me (all attachments in one email please)

GPS – You may use any GPS device you like, but the route must be uploaded to RWG or Strava to count. A free account is sufficient to provide all of the necessary information. I will not, at the current time, accept EPP from Garmin Connect, Training Peaks or any on-line services other than RWG or Strava. The start time of the uploaded data must be no earlier than the agreed upon start time and no later than 1 hour after the agreed upon start time. If you forget to stop your GPS when you finish, your time will continue to accumulate until you do. You still must reach each control while it’s open. Do not turn your GPS off during the ride. It is ok if the GPS pauses while you are stopped. You should email me a link to your ride on-line. Do not email me the data file from your GPS or an export from a website.

Control Photographs – If you choose to use digital photographs to document your ride, you must take a photograph at the start, at each control and at the finish. Your bike and/or you must appear in each photograph and I must be able to determine your location from the photograph. In addition, each photograph must contain both date and time, either as Exif metadata or by setting your camera to add it to the image.

Control Card Photographs – Emailing photos of a completed control card and receipts is the “belt and suspenders” approach.  After emailing the photos to me, I will respond, letting you know that I received them.  If you don’t get a response, get in touch with me.  You can either resend the EPP or you can drop your paper proof of passage in the mail.

EPP, in any form, should be emailed to me at within 10 days of completing the ride. If your device fails or data is lost, it will be treated the same as losing a control card, not including receipts or not arriving while the controls are open. The ride will not be certified. You may want to consider completing a traditional control card with receipts, in addition to your EPP of choice, until you’ve had a ride with EPP certified. You are always welcome to continue using a control card/receipts as a backup to be used in case of problems with your EPP.